Bloodsucking Sentient Clothing and Alien Invasion: Kill La Kill

Why it’s Fantastical: 
I mean… bloodsucking sentient clothing. Though this is technically what I would call a science fiction anime, I just kind of adore Senketsu so…


Matoi Ryuko arrives at Honnouji Academy looking for the person who killed her father, with her sights set on Student Council President, Kiryuin Satsuki. In the process of fighting the school’s militarized students, which are all empowered by clothing woven with Life Fibers that give them superpowered abilities, she slowly draws out the true purpose of Life Fibers and the history behind her own sentient uniform.

Hahahahaha god. I am a Pinterest lurker and I discovered the Gamagoori x Mako ship, which I then began to ship HARD because it just makes sense. During this shipping binge I decided to go back and rewatch the show.




My initial reaction was the same the second time around as it was the first time. WHAT IS THIS and IT IS OBVIOUSLY JUST FOR MEN TO GET OFF TO. Then, of course, the naked men show up, in a manner of speaking, and I am just like WHERE DO I PUT MY OPINIONS.

Out the window. That’s where you put your opinions on this show. You just throw them in the garbage. It’s so overtly sexualized that you just… can’t. Which is also the whole point of the show, really!

And like, I know that probably everyone in the world who watches anime has already seen this show, but I also just… feel the need to write about it. Despite feeling like I shouldn’t love it, I do anyway. I should have some kind of feminist opinion about it, but I… don’t. I like the idea that everyone should just be naked forever, I guess.

It’s so insane and over the top 100000% of the time. Yet while being so crazy, it’s still a pretty decent story about fighting the system, fighting accepted norms, and fighting for what you believe in. While wearing next to nothing and knocking down buildings with people. I think that’s pretty cool.

For being a show led by ladies who fight near-naked, I actually got used to the blatant innuendos pretty quickly. But it’s super fast paced and has a way of making you laugh out loud and say HAHA WAT…

Gamagori armor
Like… all the time.

It’s great. I think in watching it the second time around I like it MUCH better than I did after the first. That might have something to do with catching more of the subtitles, or maybe because I was a little desensitized to it and knew what to expect, I dunno. I know the first time around I had to back up to make sure I was getting everything fast enough. There are a couple of times where dialogue is happening so fast it was a bit of a struggle to keep up with.

I also enjoyed the fact that I could still get involved in this show for the sake of the story, despite all the mayhem and lack of clothing. It doesn’t feel lost in the mix anywhere because the mix is all part of it. You never actually lose sight of it at all.

Mako is definitely my favorite character though. Her defenses of Ryuko are hilarious. Even though she’s what’s called a No Star (does not have a uniform with Life Fibers in it) she uses her tenacity and complete lack of common sense to stand up to some of the most intimidating characters in the show (ahem… Gamagoori).

So glad I decided to watch it again!






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